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Delivering Smart Energy Solutions in Africa.

Mavambo Energy is a Subsidiary of Mavambo Contracting, which successfully runs two divisions; Power and Solar Engineering. The Power Engineering division mainly oversees the design and installation of projects as per client’s needs and also offers support services. The Solar Engineering division (renewabl e energy) is tasked with providing the best PV (Photo-Voltaic) systems using the best PV technology available on the market today.

Our Vision

To be the preferred energy services provider in Africa and changing the destructive habits in energy and resource.

Our Mission

To use the invaluable knowledge, experience and networks we have gathered to provide smart energy solutions to Africa on time, safely and at an affordable cost.

// Delivering Smart Energy Solutions in Africa..

Our History

From humble beginnings, with a combination of astute electrical problem solving skills, a passion for customer service and a can do attitude. Mavambo Energy quickly found a way to deliver successful electrical outcomes for residential and commercial customers in Zimbabwe and Africa at large.

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Why go Solar with Us?

We bring value

To most of our competitors, value is a word used an apology for high prices. At Mavambo Energy, we let the customer define value: a rare combination of high quality and great performance at an amazing price.

Low Cost

But how can you deliver high-quality product with excellent service at a low cost? Well, we have the tools and the experience and the connections needed for us to do this. We have spent a considerable amount of time perfecting our activities to attain effective cost and quality control abilities required to offer our services at low cost without compromising on quality.

Safety: Yours, Ours

Solar systems offer the same dangers available with ZESA utility power which are; shock, burn, electrocution and/or damage to property. At Mavambo Energy, our installation projects adhere to the latest electrical safety regulations so we never expose you, our installers or your property to danger.
Unlike most of our competitors, we go a lot more steps further with safety and protection by applying protection devices to protect the solar system itself because we care about your investment. Faults may be internal to the solar system or external faults such as lightning.

Expert Installation

At Mavambo Energy, the quality you can’t see on the surface is demonstrated by the electricity harvest data on our systems and the fantastic fact that we have never had a roof leak after an installation. We have multiple, experienced installation supervisors who are always there for you, ready to help you make owning Solar energy easy.

Energy Harvest Maximisation

To maximize energy harvested from the sun and when the need of the project dictates it, we use inverters with external or inherent MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) inputs to maximize the energy harvested. This can also include applying more efficient PV Module technology. Although these technologies may add to the project’s costs, they significantly improve the overall energy yield..

Efficient and Aesthetic Solutions

The poor aesthetics of some solar systems is heartbreaking but this is how we do solar differently at Mavambo Energy we provide a full range of options, including aesthetically pleasing options for people concerned about the look of Solar panels on their roof. Who said solar should not be beautiful? It’s simply because we feel you deserve better, in fact, you deserve the best.

Customized Systems

At Mavambo Energy, we start by carefully listening to your needs and concerns because we realize that every customer is different and customers should get what they want not what we are selling. We perform a thorough site survey and use the latest software and tools to analyze your building’s existing electrical systems and structural elements. We feed this data into our design process to make sure the installation suits YOU .

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Our Projects

At Mavambo Energy, we listen carefully to your needs and concerns because we realize that every customer is different and customers should get what they want not what we are selling.