Power engineering

Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Electricals

Design, installation & commissioning of electrical reticulations. Wall chasing, tubing, electrical decking, electrical wiring, fitting & terminations

Distribution systems & Meter Boards

Safe & durable meter boards, terminal units & distribution boards for safe electricity supply system..

Lighting specialists

Offering aesthetic, calculated and seamless lighting solutions for homes, construction projects, office space, shops, factories & warehouse space.

Private overhead lines

Construction private overhead distribution lines, single or 3-phase

Protection Systems

Electrical supply protection systems: to protect an electrical system from failure or damage from electrical faults and incidents e.g lightning, overload, short circuits, electrical surges, overvoltage, undervoltage, single phasing, floating neutrals etc.

Smart home systems

Automated & smart house systems with smart and intelligent switches, voice command switching..

Single & 3 phase split metering

Foolproof simple metering system for splitting bills of a single utility energy meter. [ideal for shared office spaces, shared shop spaces, main-house/out house(cottage) bill splitting.

Electrical system uprates

Uprates from single to 3 phase supply system or a distribution point uprate

Cable splicing

Bable jointing for medium voltage cables, Cable fault Location

Power backup Systems

A power inverter or power inverters with a battery bank charging using utility supplies to supply the load during utility power cut or fault. [can be designed to be solar-system-ready: a good starting point for clients looking to have a full solar system but don’t have all the funds at once – start with a backup system, add solar panels later]

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